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Guadalupe River Trail Clean-up

| January 21, 2008 10:52 am

Sunday, January 20th 10: 00 am

John riding his broom - 'r, bike - up the trail

Twenty ACTC’ers gathered in front of the Tamien train station for the inaugural Guadalupe River Trail clean up. ACTC has adopted a portion of the bike trail that runs along Hwy 87 between Curtner and Willow, and like every other activity we do, we hit this with high energy and a great sense of fun.

The club contributed 40 total hours to cleaning up the trail. We gathered up a lot of junk, swept up broken glass, painted over graffiti, and gave the city a good “to do” list for repairs and repainting. Though everyone worked hard, it was a fun, social event for all! After approximately 2 hours of work, we regrouped in the parking lot for a group picture in front of our newly formed pile of junk. We cleaned the trail, and it was now the City’s job to pick up the garbage!

Not quite ready for lunch, most of us took an entertaining tour of the crazy (but useful) Guadalupe River Trail. We then ended our day at Deb Wade’s house for a well deserved lunch.

Thank you Debbie and Randal for inviting us over! ACTC will be hosting “trail clean-up” days every month. Look for the next event on February 10, and join us for a fun, new, social event!
David, Deb, and Deb