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ACTC 2009 Board Candidates

| November 5, 2008 9:15 pm

The following are running for the ACTC Board for 2009.


Penny Carl

Penny Carl

Penny Carl

  • ACTC member since  2004
  • Vice President,  ACTC ~~  two years
  • Tierra Bella Staff,  Publicist ~~ three years
  • Co-shared Ice Cream  Social
  • Cinderella Training  ride ~~ co-lead three months of training
  • Enlisted 13 members  from my current work to join ACTC
  • Why I wouldn’t run  for President ~~ none
  • Reason to run for  ACTC President ~~ I am confident I can make a valuable contribution to ACTC,  not only with my skills, but also with a high degree of enthusiasm, energy,  and reliability.

Paul Metz

Paul Metz

Paul Metz

  • Member since 1996.
  • Many-time 50 goat rider, 25 grizzly rider, 25 ride leader.
  • Past e-list moderator and past bike shop representative.
  • Regular mailing party attendee.
  • Handed out tens of ACTC information flyers.
  • As President:
    • pushed for $100 club contribution towards regular annual rides
    • pushed for ACTC to support SVBC’s Bike To Work Day efforts
    • implemented a flexible general meeting schedule
    • implemented flexible board meeting dates.

Vice President

Sandy Lorber

Sandy Lorber

Sandy Lorber

  • I’ve been an active member of ACTC for 5 years now.
  • I have enjoyed being part of this great cycling community!
  • My ACTC background includes leading rides, Co Chairing 2 Appreciation Nights, Co Chairing 4 Ice Cream Socials and now in my 3rd year as the Catering Chair for the Sierra to the Sea.
  • Thank you for considering me for the Vice President’s position!


Nancy Kenny

Nancy Kenny

Nancy Kenny

  • I have been with ACTC since 2000.
  • I am an Academy graduate, and I have served as an Academy staff member.
  • Every April I look forward to working on the Tierra Bella.
  • For the last 3 years, I have co-chaired the Russian River Rally (2006, 2007, 2008).
  • I would like to serve as secretary on the ACTC board to help maintain the high quality of riding and events ACTC is known for.
  • I look forward to participating with ACTC in the 21st century.


Paul Vlasveld

Paul Vlasveld

Paul Vlasveld

Paul has the been the club Treasurer for many years.

Ride Coordinator

Patrice Carney

Patrice Carney

  • Patrice Carney has been a member of ACTC since March of 2000.
  • Club Ride Scheduler since August 2005.
  • Other club contributions include bring a frequent Ride Leader and a sag driver for the 2007 and 2008 Tierra Bella events.
  • Personal achievements include a total of 15 double centuries completed in 2005, 2006 and 2007.
  • Previous to ACTC, she was a member of Cascade Bicycle Club and Puget Sound Cycling Club in Washington state.
  • Married to Steve Carney, mother to two grown sons, Cord and Van, and to 3 pet parrots, Ouiji, Coco and Scarlett.
  • Fitness professional since 1981, currently teaches a Dance Aerobics thru the City of Santa Clara as well as professional position as the regional Sales Operations Manager at Trend Micro, Inc. in Cupertino.

Communication Coordinator

Richard Hermerding

Richard Hermerding

Richard Hermerding

  • Richard Hermerding has been an ACTC member for over 15 years.
  • Richard and his wife Ann both completed the 40 Billy Goats in 1994. In the past, they have been ride leaders, hosted the Progressive dinner, worked on the Terra Bella, as well as driven SAG a number of years.
  • Richard has a board range of experience related to this position. Richard has been a Chief Financial Officer with a number of companies; and has actively worked with, and/or served on the Board of Directors for a wide variety of organizations, For Profit, Nonprofit, and Professional.
  • Richard is a Principal in a local CPA firm. Richard has a number of educational degrees and professional credentials, e.g. Richard has three Master degrees in Information systems, Accounting, and International Affairs and numerous professional certifications and licenses.
  • Richard believes that with his bicycling, educational, and professional background he can add value to the position and will be able to assist in both the development of the position and the future goals of the club.

Membership Chair

Lisa Sharp-Piras

Lisa Sharp-Piras

Lisa Sharp-Piras

Lisa is currently serving as the Membership Chair

The Future of ACTC

| 1:42 pm

By Franz Kelsch, ACTC Webmaster – From the October Black and Blue Bottom

I belong to a small cycling club in Utah. A single person runs the club (very effectively) and the same person handles the simple website and sends out all email communications. There is one ride on a Saturday and everyone rides at the same fast pace. I don’t have the history with ACTC as some of our members do, but I suppose in the early days you would find a more homogeneous club than what we have today.

ACTC has evolved into a large and very diverse club. There are those who enjoy the shorter, socially oriented rides. Those who want to push their limits participate in long-distance weekly rides which go further than supported century rides. Some prefer touring, some like to mountain bike.

We know that the club has about 1,000 members, but how many of them do you know? If you are like most of us, you tend to ride with the same people and that circle of friends can be relatively small. We have evolved into a club that is made up of several groups, each with it’s own communication system and natural leaders. There is the long-distance training ride group. There is the Whine and Dine group. There is the
mountain bike group. There are those who are going after the most number of Billy Goats. And so forth.

Such diversity should be celebrated because as a club we can offer things to such a wide range of members. But with it comes the kinds of challenges that require more leadership skills than for the small Utah club I mentioned. At the very time when we need a more sophisticated club leadership, we find it difficult to fill board positions. For the last board we found it difficult to get one position filled by a single person. This board was elected without a single office having any choice. As a club the few of us that bothered to attend the general meeting and vote didn’t really vote. Someone did suggest we need somehow to vote and people raised their hand, maybe thinking whoever wants to be on the board is fine, as long as it is not me!

This can be an indicator of an unhealthy organization. When I look at our two big fundraisers, Tierra Bella and Sierra to the Sea, I see well-run organizations. Each is led by very a talented individual who has the skills needed to get a bunch of volunteers to dedicate a lot of their time. The meetings are run smoothly and the staff for each event is well coordinated. We, as a club, are fortunate that is the case. How well would Tierra Bella be run if no one wanted to be the leader or on the staff? Suppose we just published in the B&BB we want someone to be the leader and take the only person who raises their hand, regardless if they have the necessary skills. And yet, that is exactly how we, as a club, have approached the important board positions.

In a club as diverse as ACTC, we need a board that has a vision that can be articulated of where we, as a club, want to go. The board needs leadership skills to get member acceptance of that vision. We need a board that fosters appreciation for the many volunteers who dedicate a huge amount of time serving the club as a whole. One of our past presidents changed the name of our annual dinner to Appreciation Night to help change the focus from giving out awards to showing our appreciation for our volunteers. So what happened at the last dinner? We had a special table for those who did all the Billy Goats and ignored the volunteer aspect of the club at the very time when we are now having some real serious issues with volunteer positions.

With the election of 2009 officers approaching, I encourage those ACTC members who have the skills and willingness to run for the Board positions. Even if an existing Board member intends to continue, hopefully we as a club with have a choice on that position.

Billy Goat Profiles Show Percent Grade

| October 27, 2008 10:04 pm

by Franz Kelsch

I have been mapping all the new billy goats in a program called MapMyRide.  If you go to the billy goat list on the ACTC website and click on one of the billy goats, it will take you to the map.  For the new ones (and some of the old ones I have converted over from you will go to the MapMyRide website.

To select to view the elevation profile, look in the upper right corner for “Route Info”.  Click the box there that says “Show Elevation”.  You will not only get the typical elevation profile, but a color coded percent grade.  The image below is a screen shot of what you would see if you select to see the map for the Aborn billy goat.  So how accurate is the grades shown?  I would appreciate any feedback as club members try this tool.

Click this image to view it full size.

Memorial Dedication Ride

| October 25, 2008 9:18 am

by Larry Bain (photos by Larry Bain and Bill Bushnell)

Oct. 18, 2008 – I was among several hundred cyclists who gathered at Cupertino City Hall on this brisk October morning for a somber ride up to the dedication of permanent memorials to for Kristy Gough and Matt Peterson.

The City of Cupertino has graciously created permanent plaque memorials for the two cyclists near site of their tragedy, along with a striking “Ghost Bike” structure ( overlooking the vista near the entrance to Stevens Creek Park.  The Sheriff’s Department closed Steven’s Canyon Road to all vehicle traffic during the morning and also provided a motorcycle escort for the caravan of family and those of us that cycled from City Hall.

During the dedication we reflected on the moving words offered by the parents of Kristi and Matt which touched on many themes including the difficulty of coping with the tragedy for the many loved ones left behind, the preciousness and fragility of life, and the joy and inspiration that Kristy’s and Matt’s lives had brought to others.

As inscribed on their memorials:

In Memory of Kristy Gough
Free from Imaginary Lines and Limitations

In Memory of Matt Peterson
Rethink What is Possible

The Future of “Publisher”

| October 21, 2008 6:10 am

BY: Steve Sloan, ACTC Publisher from the November Black and Blue Bottom

I will be the first to admit, I have not been a good publisher. Even though the newsletter has gotten out on time and has looked fairly decent, I have not been able to attend many board or club meetings.  The reason; I work Wednesday nights.

My understanding is, when the position of “publisher” was first concieved in this club, there was no such thing as the Web or widely adopted e-mail. The publisher was the defacto communications chair
as the newsletter was the only way our organization communicated.

Times have changed but ACTC hasn’t. We now have Web, e-mail as well as print. Who knows what is next? But, laying out our print newsletter, and using page layout software, is still our primary qualification
for being our publisher. The publisher of our print communication channel is on our board. The people managing the Internet mediums are not represented. So, our communications are not coordinated.

In my opinion, the time to change has come. The best model in our club for a communications coordinator function, in my opinion, is the ride coordinator position. The ride coordinator coordinates the roles of the statician, the ride scheduler and the ride leaders. The ride coordinator may not do any of those tasks, or may do all of them.

I think I would make a better newsletter editor, or even layout editor than I make publisher. I think if we make it possible to divide and delgate it would be easier for us to recruit folks to fill club positions.

Because of the various mediums we use to reach the public, as well as our membership, I think we could have a more effective communications program if all those mediums were coordinated by one person who was on our club’s board. That person should not have to be involved hands-on with production.

But, because of the way our club is currently organized that is not very easy to do. I urge your consideration and the adoption of the change of our bylaws. I think it is time to consider replacing the position
of publisher with a communications coordinator.

General Meeting Format

| 5:55 am

By: Paul Metz, ACTC President

After checking the poll results (thanks, Franz!), we will try some new ideas for the format of the General Club Meeting.

Option 1: Guest Speaker First
If the guest speakers can make their presentation in 30 minutes or less, we will:
• Announce the speaker(s) and let them speak
• Thank the refreshment hosts and ask for new hosts
• Ask for new members to identify themselves
• Break for 15 minutes
• Hold the general meeting

Option 2: General Meeting First If the guest speaker needs more time, we will:
• Hold the general meeting
• Thank the hosts and ask for new hosts
• Ask for new members to identify themselves
• Break for 15 minutes
• Announce the speaker(s) and let them speak

People will be welcome to talk to the speaker(s) after their presentation, if the speaker is willing.
We will post the meeting schedule to the e-list during the week before the meeting.

2009 Board Nominating Committee

| October 13, 2008 3:53 pm

by Franz Kelsch

Dear fellow ACTC member:

We currently have three members on the nominating committee for next year’s board.  Those members are:

Joe Farinha
Larry Brandt
Franz Kelsch

We have received an indication from some of you that you would be willing to serve on the board next year.  That is great and much appreciated.  If you have any potential interest, or just a question about serving, I would encourage you to contact  one of us on the nominating committee.  It is very important for the health of ACTC as a club to have a vibrant board with sufficient skills and time to be the leaders of our very diverse and large cycling club.  No one should think that as long as just anyone is willing to be on the board that is just fine and it will make no difference to the future of ACTC.  The board does make a difference.  Some of us that volunteer a great deal of time are greatly affected by the board members, individually and collectively.

I volunteered to be on the nominating committee because I feel a club that continues to have no choice for any board position is a sign of a club that can become unhealthy.  You will see it with such things as a reduced attendance at the General Meeting and more difficulty to get people to volunteer and existing volunteers starting to abandon what they have done in the past.  You will see a club that starts to splinter into separate groups who don’t feel a common identify.  Please read my article in the October Black and Blue Bottom.

As a nominating committee we hope to give the membership of this club some choice, at least in some of the key board positions.  Without some choice the the election is meaningless.  In order to do that we need those who have the skills, time and temperament to be willing to run.  At this time I am not going to indicate which current board members wish to run again because that should not influence anyone’s consideration now.

This club is more important than any individual and at the same time every member is more important than the club.  If you can start to unravel that paradox, then you have the makings for a great board member.  Now is the time to give back to ACTC all that it has given you.

Thank you for your consideration in this important matter.

Franz Kelsch
Nominating Committee

November Ride Schedule and B&BB

| October 9, 2008 8:40 pm

The November 2008 ride schedule is now online.

The November Black and Blue Bottom is now online.

Franz Kelsch
ACTC Webmaster

Online Membership Application

| 8:38 pm

The new online Membership Application has been a big hit.  In just the first few days since we launched it we have had 18 people use it to either join ACTC or renew their existing membership.  In almost all cases, the individuals choose to use a credit card to make payment online right after they have completed the application.  To use this application, go to the menu under Club Info and look for the link “Membership”.

Franz Kelsch
ACTC Webmaster

KOM – Billy Goat Climb Times

| September 12, 2008 7:25 pm

So you think you are a fast hill climber but wonder how you compare climbing some of the billy goats with other club members.  Now you can find out.  We have added a new page to the ACTC Website where some of the best times for selected Billygoats are shown.  There are age group categories for male, female and mixed tandem.  The best two (or maybe three) times for each age group will be kept here.  To view the page click here or go to the Billy Goat page on the ACTC website and look for the link for King of the Mountain – Billy Goat Climb Times

This is not a race but an opportunity to set a personal target to improve your hill climbing speed.  No documentation or independent judging is needed.  Whatever members submit, we trust it is accurate.

If you wish to submit your time for one of the listed Billy Goats, send the following information to the ACTC Webmaster :

  • Your Name
  • The Age Group When you Made the Climb
  • Time
  • Date of Climb