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Help SJ Trails: Trail Count 2008

| September 2, 2008 8:18 pm

Trail Count 2007 information played a part in the award of $1Million worth of grants, and also helped keep the Guadalupe River Trail open during the Grand Prix.

If you can help in 2008, please contact and mention that you are from ACTC.  Currently, they are looking for volunteers at the following locations, dates, and times.

Stations 9/17, 9/20, 9/24
12 hour 7am-6:30 pm
1.   Guadalupe River Trail, near  Park Avenue
2.   Guadalupe River Trail, near  Coleman Avenue
3.   Los Gatos Creek Trail, near  Hamilton Avenue

Stations 9/17, 9/24

Two peak hour count stations (7-9 and 4-6) are to be located at:
1.   Highway 87 Bikeway, near Tamien Station
2.   Los Gatos Creek Trail, near  Auzerais Avenue

Paul Metz, Debbie Wade, Joanne Grimaldi, David and Deborah Hoag, and Chuck Schultz have volunteered their time so far.

Paul Metz

Three Creeks Trail Update (Willow Glen Spur)

| February 26, 2008 5:38 pm

submitted by Paul Metz

From Ken Yeager, County Board of Supervisors:


Today, the Board of Supervisors unanimously supported a memo that Supervisor Blanca Alvarado and I wrote regarding trails. It directed County of Santa Clara staff to participate in the Three Creeks Trail (formerly the Willow Glen Spur Trail) Technical Advisory Committee with City of San Jose staff. As long-time advocates of this important project, we wholeheartedly support these efforts to move forward on the development of this trail, and they welcome the opportunity for continued collaboration with the City.

The City is requesting a contribution of $4 million toward acquisition of parcels along the eastern alignment. Any potential contribution would come from the Parks Charter Fund and would need Board of Supervisors approval. Such funding would enhance the County’s existing investments, which are intended to develop much-needed urban trail connections within Santa Clara County .

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me at 299-5040 or contact me via e-mail at


Willow Glen Spur Trail

| February 6, 2008 10:46 pm
Paul Metzby Paul Metz  6 members of ACTC attended a crowded meeting on the status of the Willow Glen Spur Trail. They were myself, Tony Le, Marvin Laurence, Debbie Wade, Marylou Avanzino, and Paul Rotschi (aka Paul Raymond). Click here for most of what is known.

The money mentioned would seem to allow purchase of about 2/3 of the properties needed to connect the Lonus trailhead to HW 87.

Connecting the trail from HW 87 to Kelley Park along the UPRR right-of-way is problematic: mid-block crossings, and a lack of visibility to the trail means that it could be hard to monitor the trail for crime. They may improve Alma instead, which is pleasant east of Monterey Highway and a deathtrap west of Monterey to HW 87.

REI Clinic – Winter Cycling on 2/5/2008 – posted by Jim Woo

| January 11, 2008 1:00 pm

Winter Cycling: Tips for Riding in Cold & Wet Weather
2/5/2008 7:00 PM

Come find out how to improve your comfort and safety, while riding your bike in cold and wet weather. REI bike specialist Andy DeGregorio will show you clothing designs and fabrics that are perfect for winter, how to outfit your bike to handle the demands of the season, and the features of the variety of lighting systems on the market. Keep your wheels turning smoothly all winter long with Andy?s tips on basic bike tuning and maintenance.

Location: REI Fremont
Contact: For more information contact REI Fremont Customer Service Department (510) 651-0305.
Cost: Free
Registration Required? No.

url for Fremont Clinics and Events: