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Willow Glen Spur Trail

| February 6, 2008 10:46 pm
Paul Metzby Paul Metz  6 members of ACTC attended a crowded meeting on the status of the Willow Glen Spur Trail. They were myself, Tony Le, Marvin Laurence, Debbie Wade, Marylou Avanzino, and Paul Rotschi (aka Paul Raymond). Click here for most of what is known.

The money mentioned would seem to allow purchase of about 2/3 of the properties needed to connect the Lonus trailhead to HW 87.

Connecting the trail from HW 87 to Kelley Park along the UPRR right-of-way is problematic: mid-block crossings, and a lack of visibility to the trail means that it could be hard to monitor the trail for crime. They may improve Alma instead, which is pleasant east of Monterey Highway and a deathtrap west of Monterey to HW 87.

Club Meetings Move to Wednesdays

| February 2, 2008 10:44 am

The monthly club meeting will now be held the first Wednesday of each month starting in February. The change was a result of a building conflict.

Maps for Billygoats

| February 1, 2008 5:39 pm

by Franz Kelsch

I have been adding maps for all the new, and existing billygoats. You can find a link to the maps in the billygoat list. Click on the link and will see the mapped course for that particular billygoat. This is what the one for the new Chaboya bilygoat looks like (click to enlarge).

Chaboya Map

These maps have other features. You can zoom out to see the surrounding roads to help figure out where how to get to the start. If you click on the “show” menu you can see an elevation profile. You can also click on the “share” menu option and save as GPX file for a GPS unit or a KLM file you can bring into Google earth. This is what Google Earth looks like. You can see Quimby on the left and new billygoat Chaboya on the right (click to enlarge).

Quimby and Chaboya in Google Earth

Here is what my favorite billygoat, Metcalf, looks like.

Metcalf in Google Earth

I hope that the new maps make it easier to find the billygoats. Have fun trying them out.