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Old is New

| August 19, 2016 8:16 am

Years ago, we used to have the Olema Campout on the President’s Weekend in February, cold and rainy! It lasted about five years and then another eight years after we moved it to the Point Reyes Hostel. Even though only Jean and I were there during the latter years of the Olema/Point Reyes event, we still had a wonderful time. We befriended a family who kept returning the same weekend and the hostel caretaker Bob Baez, who gave us a treasured out of print book “My Life on Two Wheels” by Dr. Clifford Grave, an American cycle-touring pioneer.

Today, Muriel and Michael Hudick, with help from Linda Kahn, Jeff Lew, Lynn Repetsky, Patty Dougherty, Lou Galbiati, Jared Smolens, Donny Axtell, and Paul Vlasveld, resurrected the Olema Campout with 47 ACTC members present. The weather was great; food was yummy, scenery as beautiful as I remember.

Thank you Michael and his wonderful staff! Can’t wait to go back!

Tony Le, ACTC President

Russian River Rally is August 14-16

| July 2, 2015 4:13 pm

Russian River Rally (RRR) is August 14-16 this year. For more information, please see the page  You can register at that page until August 1 at 10PM. The page includes a “see who’s coming” link that shows who has registered so far.

Sierra to the Sea

| May 8, 2015 6:40 pm

The days are longest in June, the mountains most golden, the weather mostly warm, and the coast most beautiful even when mysteriously basked in fog. Sierra to the Sea, an uniquely ACTC event created by the late Rod Annable (who’s picture still graces the STTS webpage: goes from Bear Valley to Golden Gate Park in seven days. The 28th anniversary tour is led once again by Steve Crosby and a very capable staff of 22 volunteers. Sierra to the Sea remains true to Rod’s goals of show-casing the beautiful riding areas of Northern California in an affordable way and remains the best cross-state ride, bar-none! I look forward to greet all the participants and to thank our wonderful staff at Bear Valley and then to welcome them home at the Golden Gate Park. “Well no matter where I wander, I will always find a welcome at the end of every journey, there will be friendly people waiting, California” sang the Kingston Trio. Have a safe journey in our beautiful Golden State.
PS. It is not too late to join the 2015 Sierra to the Sea – a few more spots!

Tony Le, ACTC President

Russian River Rally – 2013

| May 8, 2013 3:34 pm

ACTC Russian River Rally is August (15) 16-18, 2013

Where and What is the Russian River Rally: ACTC members, especially newer ones and families, are invited to enjoy and support the 2013 edition of the Rally at Casini Ranch Resort on the south bank of the Russian River, a  half-mile east of the historic logging village of Duncans Mills.  See the ride schedule for essentials and sign-up now since space is limited. Please arrive early on Friday  morning or before 1 pm to minimize delays with traffic and kiosk entry to the resort. Our reserved space is limited to registered compact vehicles, members, cyclists, and their tents, gear, and bikes.  There is also a fenced pet area nearby.  Club meals will be served by us outdoors next to our club trailer and camp site picnic tables (via diagram).  Please bring a potluck item to share for Saturday’s camp dinner.

Sign Up Instructions:

Event:  ACTC Russian River Rally
Dates: 11 am Friday August 16 to 2 pm Sunday August 18, 2013
Includes:  Camp outdoor Saturday-Sunday breakfasts opens at 7am plus lunch items to make and pack, Friday outdoor dinner opens at 6 pm.  Bring a pot luck item for Saturday’s camp dinner to share with 2-3 others.
Member gear list (both +recommended and required)
What Is Needed: Bike, ACTC membership, helmet, and tools, tubes, patch kit, pump, side mirror, gloves, bottles, day bag, sunblock, lip balm, sleeves, device, ACTC RRR route sheets and local maps.
Camp:  Tent, pad, sleep bag, +utensil bowl and plate kit, folding chair, snacks, beverages, head band light, table light, layers, sunblock, brim hat, flip flops, walking shoes, personal funds, light rain jacket and hood, extra socks, hygiene kit for shower and restroom, personal first aid kit, +medical bracelet, health plan card and photo I.D., In Case of Emergency wallet/purse card, +A.E.D., personal medicines, +extra batteries, swim suit, light towel,  +area literature.
Cost: Simply send a prepaid check for $25 per member or $50 per family (up to 2 adults and 2 members under 18 y.o.).  Checks are transferable with no refunds after August 2, 2013.  Address to “ACTC”  along with the names of all members attending, minor age(s), and ride share vehicle license plate number, given or mailed to:
Brian Chun, RRR Coordinator
10011 N. Foothill Blvd. # 103
Cupertino  CA  95014
Contact: Coordinator’s e-mail: (you will be confirmed and updated after sign up).  Phone:   650  938 1288


Coordinator: Brian Chun, Committee Chair.
Who is invited: All ACTC members are invited to join, subject to vacancy, ACTC’s annual RRR. If you are not a member, then please join online on the membership page. Advance reservation and payment is required. ACTC has reserved sites which may include spaces 109,109B and 110.
May I bring a trailer or RV?
RV, trailer and large vehicle reservations are not included.
Where is RRR: For directions, go to Once past the inner kiosk, look to the right for our area.
Parking: Please park away from the campsites, perpendicular to the campsite road, pick a settled space for your sleep gear, and set up away from our club outdoor kitchen.  Neighbors may be vocal and lively. Let others know if you are an early riser or audible sleeper.  We will set up an outdoor kitchen, fire rings and dining tables  which are centrally located near a  hose bib and a large tree.
Bathing: Hot coin- free showers and restrooms are a short walk from either end of our tent areas, stall-style by gender.
Tent city and culture: Picking your site within our area will be first camper-first serve, but please be considerate to minimize your footprint, pick up after yourself and observe quiet time after 10pm and before 7 am! Be aware of campfire smoke from the fire rings. Greet your fellow members and non ACTC neighbors and be courteous about mitigating annoyances, offering and asking for help. Hay rides happen throughout the afternoon, are open to all, please board at the central camp store.
Check In: The Casini Family Ranch kiosk staff will have a list of all those registered for RRR and will issue a prepaid and conditional parking pass for listed members who drive in. Cars not displaying a pass on their dash are subject to tow.  Casini staff, with approval by the Chair, may allow unlisted members entry, provided that they pay fees to both Casini and ACTC upon arrival, space permitting.
Visitors: Day members may enter but please pre-notify Rally Coordinator by August 2 so you can be admitted through the Casini kiosk. In the past, this meant motorists.  Pedestrian and pedal members normally pass in and out without notice.
Appetizers: Hours d’ Oeuvres: Camping for RRR opens on Friday at ~12 noon with chips and dip on a folding table at our camp, with water Igloos, Gatorade powder, and cups. Please keep perishables covered and in the ice chests and be available to host and prep the campsite for incoming cyclists.  Please do not rummage through the chests, supplies, utensils, trailer or kitchen!  This is the shift captain’s job so please ask for this member’s service.  Many items are organized according to time of meal and must remained sealed until served. Traffic, impromptu issues, rider volume, and shopping sometimes affects  the timing of our appetizer service.
Lodging options: Members planning on arriving before Friday at 12 noon (unless assigned for table and appetizer set-up) may do so at their own time and expense separately from, but in conjunction with, our Rally. (Casini, Monte Rio Inn, Bohemian Club, Armstrong Redwoods SP, Duncans Mills Camp, and other area hosts offer non-RRR lodging options).  RRR closes and vacates Casini no later than 2 PM PST on Sunday.
Separate Reservations: Please write a comment on your sign up if you are arranging lodging separately from RRR. A Captain will inspect each ACTC reserved camp site in the morning on Sunday, settle the Casini bill, and refill the propane tanks across from the Casini store, so please be prepared and organized for leaving RRR clean and neat after Sunday’s breakfast.
Club Dining: Food Glorious Food!
Our Rally includes 4 RRR meals plus DIY pack lunch items. Enjoy Friday’s outdoor group dinner,  along with club supplies, cooking gear and foods for two breakfasts and two carryout lunches on Saturday and Sunday.  These meals, along with some hot and cold beverages, are done via member sign up spreadsheet online in advance. Our dining venue is our club’s outdoor kitchen.  At peak times we may set up propane cooktops, Webers, Steele’s Chuck Wagon & contents, coolers, ice, provisions, utensils, dish ware, and firewood, within our Casini group site.  We need members to arrange picnic tables, stock fire rings, set up the kitchen and wash station, post notices, protect the shade trees, and operate our hose bibs.  Saturday dinner is a potluck with all members contributing a dish to share with two or more.
Nearby grocery stores: Safeway in Guerneville is a handy source for RRR supplies and for shopping.  Many purchase potluck contributions here and locally.
Camp power?  There is no electricity or indoor plumbing at the RRR campsites.
Meal Schedule and Shifts: Via advance online sign up spreadsheet with shift details.  Saturday morning breakfast will be served hot by our volunteers, starting as the sun rises. Members often pick blackberries when touring nearby, and bring them to share at breakfast, which may include hot pancakes, eggs, potatoes, sausage, cocoa, juices, seasonal fruits,  teas, and decaf.  Whenever possible, fresh scratch cooking will be emphasized with vegetarian items prepared separately and prior to meat containing items. Oil is Olive. There will be deli-style items if you wish to wrap a lunch to carry on your ride. Saturday night we have a potluck BBQ in camp. Please bring meat to grill for yourself, which you may also share with two or more for the Saturday potluck and spirits for fireside happy hour.  Our Rally does not include alcohol but you may bring it responsibly.
What do I do: Instructions on RRR protocol including  kitchen use and organization, charcoal  and firewood  support will shown during your shift by a designated captain, and listed online. When in doubt, clean up, wash your hands, put on gloves when serving,  and clean and put things back to where it is stored,  after every use.  Ask a member with more RRR experience whenever you need help.
Clean Up: Sunday morning, members help assemble and cook breakfast, cleanup, pack and ride or ride-share home.  Early bird cyclists will be up before sunrise for breakfast, then bike back home. Caltrain and ferry service is arrangeable around Sausalito and San Francisco, too.
Fare Well Rally: Many people ride into Occidental or Duncans Mills before packing up to go home. Wild Flour Bakery fills early! The campsites need to be cleared by everyone, with the Captain checking for lost items, before  noon. We ask that all campers be prepared to lend a hand with the housekeeping and cooking as needed. RRR is a cooperative member-only event afforded in large part by our club, where everyone pitches in!
What do I bring (see above detail list): Mark you name on your items and maximize your RRR experience with a tent, sleep gear, spending funds, bike lock, all day biking gear like Camelbacks, polar bottles and Bento boxes, maps, route sheets, thick tires, spare LDTR gear like tubes, tools and tire boot materials, cell phone, camera, pump, sun screen, bathing suit, socks, gloves, eye protection, first aid kit, musical instruments, hoola hoops, flip flops, medications and summer recreational items.
Is there SAG: RRR Rides do not have SAG support, so please buddy up and know in advance where you are going, and be or follow your tour guide for safety and communication.  Roads can be quite steep and remote, with high risk of accidents. Proper cycling etiquette (single file, call out hazards, protect your wheels) and wearing a bicycle helmet during all cycling is mandatory. Practice Safety First, and set a good example for our club. Anything otherwise will be noted and subject you to immediate worry and gossip!
Hot and cold coastal weather: If you tend to get hot, carry a soak-able bandana, and use extra ice and water from camp.  If you tend to get cold, dress in  layers.  If you tend to get hungry, pack some compact high energy foods during breakfast.
First Responders: The closest fire station is in Monte Rio, the closest trauma center is in Santa Rosa, and in case of emergency, dial ” 911″  from a land phone (or program a local Emergency phone number into your cell phone) and have your location (road marker/landmarks) and description ready.
Gears: Mountain gearing is highly recommended.  Fixies would be extremely tough on the local roads.
Ride-sharing: Many members ride or rideshare to RRR, and bring a cooler for their own beverages, appetizers, and any other snacks and drinks for the weekend, since there is no refrigeration or electricity available at our campsites.
Refrigeration: ACTC coolers are  packed with RRR beverages and foods, and thus any items stored within them will be served as a contribution!
E-Devices: Cell phone coverage is limited in the campground, or none at all. There may be free WiFi in some areas of the campground, but not where ACTC is camping.
Pets: Pets are allowed, but please be respectful of their natural behaviors and how this may affect other members and guests, and please bring all supplies and a leash to make your non human companions cooperative, clean, and comfortable.
Lost and Found: Lost and found items may be returned to the club trailer for safekeeping, also check with the Casini staff upon departure. Leave expensive items at home!
Rides: The Russian River area offers a variety of terrain and tourist activities like bucolic vineyards and the charm of  Fort Ross coastal towns. The area to the south generally has rolling coast ranges. Higher ridges are shaded with redwoods while the lower ones are grasslands. To the north, redwoods dominate and the hills are steeper. To the east, a large valley stretches from Healdsburg to Santa Rosa. There you will find rolling hills, apple orchards, and vineyards. You can do your own ride, or join others for a ride, or choose to not ride at all. Please sign up for rides at the rally and check your ride stats afterwards for any corrections.  Mays Canyon is a charmer, as well as wineries, Ray’s Bakery in Cazadero, Blue Heron Diner in Duncans Mills, Fort Ross and the coast.
Routes: The website under routes has a file of routes created by Don Axtel: Russian River area routes . Please print out which routes you might be interested in and bring to the rally. These roads have current ACTC billy goats in the area. Check with club members listing rides to and from the Russian River Rally. Please refer to the ACTC ride schedule and contact  listed leaders directly if you are interested in joining these distance events.   Brian will also lead a day tour to picnic at Fort Ross early Saturday morning, and a ride from Los Altos on August 15 (listed).
Past Photos: Also go to to view past photos under the Smug Mug “Camping” section.
Weather: Whether Warm, Hot, Cold or Windy! The Pacific Ocean dominates the climate of the Russian River area, and it is easy to get weather extremes by moving up and down the river. Generally, the coast is foggy and cool in the mornings and late afternoon. Healdsburg, a major inland city, is usually fog free and 20 degrees warmer. If you want to sunbathe at 10AM, you need to head inland towards Healdsburg. If you’d like to swim at 4 PM, it may be a little too cool at Duncans Mills, but 5 miles to the east, in Guerneville, you may get a sunburn. The coast also affects the winds. In the morning, the winds come in from the coast. By l0AM they’ve usually lower, except along higher ridges like west Coleman Valley Road. By 2PM these may start up again. Expect riding around in wind. Winds are the strongest in the afternoon where the sun is still strong with no fog, and less powerful after the fog rolls in.  So, if headwinds are about, you may stop and shop in a little town and wait for the wisps of fog, and then resume riding with less wind.
History: Birth, Growth and Now: Howard and Bev Saling founded the rally in 1978. The first site was at a campground near the Korbel Winery. The following year it moved to Monte Rio. The year after that, it moved to Duncans Mills. The campground eventually became private, and the rally was moved to Casini Ranch until 1998 when it moved to the Faerie Ring Campground, and returned to Casini Ranch in 1999, its current home. In 1985, the first ACTC tour book was produced. Nowadays we put the information on the website or email.  Casini Ranch is also a used for lodging by our club’s Sierra to the Sea Tour (STTS).
Russians: From Russia with Love: The river and nearby Fort Ross were named after the Russians, who settled the area in 1812 primarily as fur hunters. They employed Native Americans, established a thriving community,  and traded goods with China, where sea otter fur was highly prized as a garment accessory and status symbol. The otters suffered near extinction when the hunters  withdrew in 1841. During the next 60 years the river and terrain kept the area isolated.
Fort Ross Road: Formerly a stage coach road , this road is a steep ACTC billy goat.  It connects Healdsburg  to the east with Fort Ross to the west, which is now a spectacular State Park with docent tours, overlooking  the Pacific Ocean, at cliff’s edge.  Fort Ross Road was routinely washed out by 120″ rains during the winter, and the Russian River can suddenly flood, although flows are now regulated by a dam system.
Railroads: At the turn of the century, the redwood logging industry brought railroads. The railroads in turn brought tourists. By the mid 1920′s, San Francisco’s resort of choice was the Russian River area. After the depression, wealthier San Franciscans went to Tahoe, and by the mid 1970s, the Russian River was in a deep depression. Most resorts were dilapidated until the 1980′s until a liberal community from San Francisco came and revitalized the Russian River area, centering the town of Guerneville as their hub (just south of and adjacent to the billy goats of Armstrong Redwoods State Park). Cyclists and tourists enjoy vacations here, within a community that takes pride in its’ tolerance, environmentalism, wineries, recreation, natural beauty, and social diversity.
Got Rally Fever: Simply send a check with your member, license, meal and crew info attached (above).  Opens May 5 until filled, with a standby list, prepaid, with no refunds after August 2nd. You may transfer your reservation by notifying the  Coordinator. All members  help prep, cook, serve and cleanup  for at least 30 minutes per day and as needed.
Updating My Contact Profile: Please update your membership and contact information in our webpage under “Membership.” This will be used for Rally communications.
Who’s Who and Tours: An update of members going to the rally will be confirmed by email with shift assignment(s) selected online.  Tours depart RRR mornings after 8 am via designated tour guides.  Bring a map of the area to plan your excursions early, as area roads are like mazes!   Refer to “Russian River Area” and the Coordinator  to be a tour guide.  Riders will report ride stats via tour guide’s online rider entry.

Have a Safe and Sweet Russian River Rally!
Brian Chun, Coordinator
650 938 1288


Let’s Go Bike Camping at the Russian River Rally!

| July 4, 2012 6:52 am


As an ACTC Member, you are invited to attend a FREE OF CHARGE* (deposit required) annual bike camping at the Casini Family Ranch Resort during the ACTC Russian River Rally August 17-19, 2012!

NOTE: A link for the paper registration form has been updated at the end of this post.

*Registration (per person):

$20 deposit/pp – July 1 – 21 OR:
$30 deposit/pp – July 22 – 28  OR:
$40 deposit/pp – July 29 – Aug 10, if space is still available.

Sign up Online  (faster) here, OR do a mail in registration with your check (below):

Golden Gate 1000K Fort Ross photo by USA Randonneur Norman Rohr June 22, 2012

Rally is for all campers, all ages, and even if staying elsewhere. All monies returned as long as the registrant attends the RRR 2012. If registrant does not attend, the deposit is forfeited (unless space is unavailable) and contributed to the event. Rides form at camp.


___Deposit ___Potluck item___License plate # of vehicle___tent, bag, pad, bike & clothes___other: (sunblock, etc.)

___Carpool?__Bike in?___ACTC membership___Camp Shift Sign Up (~60′ per camper) via: Task Sign Up Sheet

FAQs: What to do, where to ride, what to bring for potluck Saturday, what’s for camp meals other times, showers?:

Many activities nearby: wine tours, dive, kayak, explore, swim, hike, shop, nap, beach comb, with or without biking!Bring a dish to share at the potluck dinner on Saturday. Club will provide some Webers and some grilled meats. Club supplies:

Friday’s camp dinner, Saturday and Sunday breakfast, and PBJ level supplies for packing Saturday and Sunday lunch. Rally opens Friday August 17th at 5pm, closes by 2pm on Sunday August 19th. You may also stay in separate lodging or RV sites at your own expense (in addition to the Rally Deposit), contact Casini Family Ranch Resort/local inns for availability.  To avoid long lines on Friday, arrive by bike or carpool. Hot showers:  nearby our camp sites, in common restrooms, quarters are not required. Bring camping gear: flashlights, goodies, jacket, tent, bag and pad. Club reserved sites are first come first served but all sites are nice.

Extra: This event corresponds to the 200 year celebration of the Fort Ross Bi-Centennial for the Russian settlement of the Pacific Northwest (Contact Robin Joy, Fort Ross State Park Interpretive Specialist, for details)For more details about this event, please refer to the prior webpage descriptions for RRR2011.

NOTE: ACTC Members should use the link below as the central information form for All RRR2012 Members to record their license plate #s, and for one-stop communication, even if they have deposited online (via Eventbrite/Paypal/Credit Card). Or course, if a registered member does not attend, then they need to tell me via email ASAP,  as this change is not automated…Brian Chun

Del Valle Campout

| March 25, 2009 10:27 pm

By the awesome LDV co-host team

Calling all Del Valle Lakers! It’s a perfect May!  What else can be better! Campout happens every other weekend for May.  Del Valle and Great Western Bike Rally are two weeks apart, and if you were on Lupine Loop, then you got a bonus campout in April.

Lake Del Valle campout is a fabulous campout which happens on the weekend of May 9 – 10th.  Treat Mom to a perfect weekend of, cycling, camping, and numerous outdoors’ activities, and still get home in time for Sunday dinner. A fun Saturday cycling from Milpitas to Lake Del Valle, continue on with swimming, boating, hiking or relaxing and a dinner feast, then campfire with all your friends.  Wake up to breakfast on Sunday and a great ride back.  We’ll be rewarded with sighting of abundant wild flowers, and wild life.  Lake Del Valle activities and mt biking trail map:

Saturday morning ride start and meet at Murphy Park in Milpitas at 7:30AM.  Murphy Park is at 1570 Olympic, Milpitas, CA 95035, on the north side of Yellowstone Avenue, east of S. Park Victoria Drive. Drop off gears with SAG vehicle that will be driven to the campsite.  Many route options from 40-70 miles; choose your route, to make it to camp for dinner.  Return the next day with one of the route options, from 40 to 70; again, choose your route, to make it back for Mother’s Day dinner.

Fee is $25, residual $ will be distributed back on Sunday.  Fee covers camp fees, SAG fuel, Saturday dinner, and Sunday breakfast. Free fun-ness provided by you 🙂

Everone pitches in to work on chores, food prep and clean up.  We’re looking for someone with towing capable vehicle to tow our club Chuck wagon.  Fuel reimbursement and immense gratitude from your fellow Del Valle Lakers.  Will take turn driving or someone can drive to camp early for mt biking, swimming, boating, hiking or just relaxing.

Sign up soon, space is limited.  Please contact Megan Nguyen , Nancy Kenny,  or Brian Chun

Russian River Rally 2008

| June 1, 2008 7:55 pm

It will soon be July and that means it’s time for the annual ACTC Russian River Rally in Duncan Mills, July 18th – 20th. Please contact Nancy Kenny or Pat Stenstrom to reserve a spot as there is a 65 person limit to the campground and last year we filled up fast. (click on this photo to see enlarged)

The campsites available this year for camping are 101, 109A, 109B and 110. These are different sites than last year, click this link for the campground map Campground Map or please see map at Thanks! One thing we ask in regards to camping is that; No one parks their car in middle of the campsites. This will leave more area for tent set up. The new management of Casisni Family Ranch requires that each car check in at the gate and provide names of all people in the party and the vehicle license number. Once checked in you will receive a parking pass that must be displayed in the vehicle while parked at the campsite. This will prevent cars from being towed.

Camping for ACTC will be available on Friday 7/18/08 at 12 noon. Anyone planning on arriving before this time must make his or her own camping arrangements.

Many people will arrive on Friday evening. This year we will be having a chili dinner with all the trimmings. However, we encourage you to bring a cooler with your beverages of choice, an appetizer for before the dinner and any other snacks and drinks you will need for the weekend. ACTC coolers will not be available for personal use.

Saturday morning a continental breakfast will be served. Saturday night we have a potluck BBQ in camp. Please bring meat to grill, and a nice dish to share with all. Charcoal will be provided by ACTC.

Sunday morning, everyone is on their own for breakfast. Many people ride into Occidental or Duncan Mills before packing up to go home.

Route sheets will be provided for rides of all abilities.

Click this link for the location of Casini Ranch – Location Map

Remember your chairs.

We ask that all campers be prepared lend a hand with the housekeeping and cooking as needed. It means a lot to have everyone pitch in!

Nancy Kenny, (408) 244-4650,
Pat Stenstrom, (408) 227-8724,

Great Western Bicycle Rally

| April 11, 2008 6:31 am

GWBR Image

The Great Western Bicycle Rally is held each Memorial Weekend and this year will be on May 23-26. It is one major club events each year.

As an ACTC member you are invited to join in the club activities at the Rally in Paso Robles. The club trailer will provide light breakfasts and snacks each morning from Saturday Monday. All miles ridden at the rally will count as club mileage; sign-up sheets will be provided at the campsite. Saturday night ACTC will once again be “hosting” the Wine and Cheese Party. Carol Borders will need about 40 people to work two hour shifts; we’ll pass around a sign-up sheet at the May meeting. For information about ACTC camping and dinner, contact Paul Vlasveld at 408-247-6472, For other GWBR information, contact Carol at (408) 259-8933. See you in Paso Robles!

Don Axtell leads a one day club ride down to the event on that Friday. See here for ride details.

Registration and camping fees for the GWBR should be paid directly by club members to the GWBR organization through their website.