Great Western Bicycle Rally

| April 11, 2008 6:31 am

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The Great Western Bicycle Rally is held each Memorial Weekend and this year will be on May 23-26. It is one major club events each year.

As an ACTC member you are invited to join in the club activities at the Rally in Paso Robles. The club trailer will provide light breakfasts and snacks each morning from Saturday Monday. All miles ridden at the rally will count as club mileage; sign-up sheets will be provided at the campsite. Saturday night ACTC will once again be “hosting” the Wine and Cheese Party. Carol Borders will need about 40 people to work two hour shifts; we’ll pass around a sign-up sheet at the May meeting. For information about ACTC camping and dinner, contact Paul Vlasveld at 408-247-6472, For other GWBR information, contact Carol at (408) 259-8933. See you in Paso Robles!

Don Axtell leads a one day club ride down to the event on that Friday. See here for ride details.

Registration and camping fees for the GWBR should be paid directly by club members to the GWBR organization through their website.

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Vince Cummings wrote a comment on April 11, 2008

Debbie and I are doing a self contained tour to the Great Western Bike Rally. We will already be there when Donny’s ride arrives.
I have never been to this rally so I don’t really know what the campground is like. I also would appreciate any information about touring from here to there and on to SLO anyone can provide.
Thanks, Vince

Linda Kahn wrote a comment on April 12, 2008

If you are looking for a fun place to ride Memorial weekend with friends and strangers alike, look no further than the GWBR. There are literally dozens of rides to choose from and many are child-friendly (which is why many families attend).
Ride with club members, or with GWBR leaders meeting you in front of the fair ground on numerous rides offered during the entire weekend. There are plenty of hot showers after your ride.
Weather could be VERY hot in the days (90’s and up)…and very cool/damp at night (with fog)! So, you must be prepared with every type of clothing for the variable temperatures!

ACTC gets a special area reserved for camping; but note: it is noisey due to the hot rod car show located in downtown Paso Robles, and the hot rods roaring up and down the street in the evening (if your tent is near the road). Hotels usually sell out far in advance.
There is plenty to do after your ride: great food in Paso, wine tasting, sitting around the camp fire, a massage, or buying a few items at the Friday night Swap Meet!
ACTC usually has a nice dinner cooking Saturday night for a cost, but this depends on volunteer cooks, and the planning going into the event.

Please ask about what kind of meals will be available from the event coordinator so you are not disappointed.

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