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Enduring the Test of Time

| January 19, 2016 1:00 pm

ACTC – 40th Anniversary
Tierra Bella – 39th year
Sierra to the Sea – 29th year

We are very proud of our leaders and volunteers throughout the years making ACTC, Tierra Bella, and Sierra to the Sea a success. We did not get here because of luck, fortuity, or destiny, but hard work and great leadership.

The April 30, 2016, Tierra Bella is once again led by Michael Hudick. No laurels to rest on — start from scratch to attract 2000 cyclists to ride our beautiful Tierra Bella, every year for 39 years. Please heed the help request from Rita Hernandez. There are many ways to help – I start early with parking and then stay at Gavilan to thank all our volunteers and as many riders as possible, looking forward to seeing many old friends and meeting new ones at Tierra Bella.

Sierra to the Sea, led by Steve Crosby on June 18-25, 2016, is the best and most affordable cross-California bicycle tour, from Bear Valley to Golden Gate Park. To ensure that participants receive the best possible service, Sierra to the Sea is limited to 120 cyclists. Spreading the word to your friends and colleagues remains an effective way to promote Sierra to the Sea.

Nothing comes easy, especially success. Every year, we renew our dedication to help ACTC, Tierra Bella, and Sierra to the Sea as if they are part of our family — and they are. So did early ACTC members for 40 years, enduring the test of time.

Tony Le, ACTC President

Opening Doors

| June 22, 2015 3:46 pm

“There are those who build walls and those who open doors” Carlos Varela (Cuban singer-songwriter)

ACTC, and especially the ACTC Academy, opens doors to new cyclists to a lifelong activity that changes their lives. There are psychological, physical, and financial barriers to becoming a cyclist. It certainly seems easier to sit back and watch TV, even though many know that is not healthy. But where and how to break the cycle?

New cyclists are often unsure of their ability. Will I be left behind? Is it safe to ride on that busy road? Maybe I need to stay on a bike trail. Time and again, many ACTC ride leaders and Academy instructors take it upon themselves to be cycling ambassadors. Stories abound of their patience to help transform these new friends from caterpillar to butterfly.

Although it is hard to measure the impact of their goodwill actions on the growth of ACTC, they matter not just a little. These selfless leaders provide the principle, the DNA of our core membership — helping others and the community in more ways than just cycling. Young cyclists will be spared from being on the rising statistic of childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes. (Keep going Teagan, Skylla, and Qena, we are proud of you!) Working cyclists are more productive and creative because their endorphin is high, instead of adrenaline. Retired friends have less aches and pains because arthritis, diabetes, and most diseases prefer sedentary bodies.

Keep going ACTC and ACTC Academy! Let’s open more doors!

Tony Le, ACTC President

Announcement to ACTC Members

| May 28, 2010 8:08 am

As I stepped back into the role of Ride Coordinator and reformed the Ride Schedule Committee, it seemed prudent to review the newly proposed guidelines with the RS Committee before making recommendations for Ride Guideline changes. Unfortunately there was very little time to do justice to review all of the issues in time to determine if guideline changes were really warranted. Due to time constraints it has been decided that no changes will be implemented that affect the ACTC Ride Guidelines at this time.

During the last couple of weeks as I started reviewing our Ride Policies, it became apparent that ACTC had no single location or document that provided a complete list of guidelines. In addition, there were a few guidelines that were not posted but were recognized practices that had been accepted for a very long time.

A comprehensive list of guidelines has been consolidated from multiple locations which also includes the accepted (but unwritten) policies surrounding best practices for Ride Leadership, Ride Participation, and Stats Credit. For now, the intention is to provide comprehensive communication that will set expectations for all members on acceptable Club Ride etiquette and policy.

The growth and diversity within ACTC makes keeping the club consistently on track with happy members a challenge at times. The following is proposed as our updated ACTC Ride Guidelines. Please remember, there are no changes to current policy. Your comments are welcome and will be reviewed by our Ride Schedule Committee members: John Mazzella, Donny Axtell, Franz Kelsch, Harry Lichtbach, Christopher Larson, Brian Birkeland, Mark Pryor and myself.

In Summary, the stance at this time is twofold:

1) Maintain current club policy

2) Provide more clarity by setting concise expectations with a comprehensive guidelines document

By doing these two things let’s all take a “wait and see” approach with anticipation that ride related issues will cease or be greatly reduced in number going forward!

These ACTC ride guidelines for both riders and ride leaders have consolidated existing guidelines.  Click here (PDF)  to to view now.

Members . . . go forth and ride your bikes! Choose rides that allow as little or as much flexibility as you can handle for your own safety and health.

Kind regards,

Patrice Carney
ACTC Ride Coordinator

Ride Leader and Ride Credit Guidelines

| April 1, 2010 12:06 pm

Update 5/28/2010

These guidelines are not being implemented as stated below.  Please see the following information by clicking here.

Update 4/5/2010

From Sandy Lorber, ACTC President: “I’ve asked Marie and the board to postpone the implementation of the guidelines until June 1st.  We would like to give Marie a chance to bring all of the feedback we’ve received to the board and discuss your concerns.”

by Marie Becker, ACTC Ride Coordinator

Ride Leader Guidelines

To address concerns that have come up over the last few months, the following guidelines are being published to ensure rider safety on club rides:

  1. All Ride Leaders should lead their rides at the pace listed in the Ride Schedule.
  2. All ride participants should only attend rides where they feel comfortable riding at the listed pace.  If they are unsure they should contact the Ride Leader prior to joining the ride.
  3. All Ride Leaders should strive to provide clear and correct route sheets.  These can be distributed in either hard or soft copy.
    1. Soft copy location (or link) should be identified in the ride description on the Ride Schedule.
    2. Hard copies should be brought to the ride start.  If more riders show up than anticipated the Ride Leader should stay with the group to ensure no rider gets lost.
    3. All rides should strive to include periodic re-groups to make sure all riders are present and accounted for.  If the ride will have no re-groups it should be stated in the ride description and caution any participants to be prepared to ride alone.
    4. If riders join a ride and wish to ride faster than the listed pace, it is at the Ride Leaders discretion whether the faster rides who “go off the front” will receive credit.

To encourage members to join group rides we should strive to have consistency in how we lead our rides.  We have a variety of riders in our club and these guidelines should accommodate all.

Ride Credit Guidelines

The historical goal for recording Ride Credit was to encourage members to join club rides.  The Billy Goats were added (and expanded) over the years to promote trying new hills.  Maybe you wouldn’t try a new hill by yourself, but would if a club ride did.  And this program proved to be very successful.  As the popularity of the Goats grew, another enhancement was added to encourage riders to ride their bikes to and from ride starts, and so ride credit was given for that.  Also over the years the Awards system has evolved to motivate the membership for participation in and to lead rides.  Riding miles outside of the listed rides for credit was not intended, but an outgrowth in the recent past as a “race for the most” evolved.

The guidelines listed below are intended to reinforce the original goals.  The stats are intended to reflect those who participate in club rides, and reward those who do the most.  Accumulating stats for the sake of the biggest number isn’t in that vein.  While more time on the bike is a goal most of us have, the goal with ACTC ride credit is to recognize those who do the most club rides and miles, i.e. promoting club ride participation, not mileage accumulation.  While not mutually exclusive there is a difference.

Going forward the guidelines for Ride Credit will be:

  1. Credit for listed rides will only be given for the miles and goats listed.  If a rider does less than what is listed they will only get credit for what they do.
  2. Any additional miles ridden will be given credit under a new category to recognize those riders who ride to and from the ride starts.  A new award will be given at the end of the year to recognize the rider who accomplishes the most in this category.
  3. Riders must be at the ride start to sign in, or meet the ride in progress at a pre-designated place coordinated with the Ride Leader.  (If a person arrives late and catches the ride in progress they will get credit).
  4. Unless listed otherwise riders should stay with the group as is practical.  We all will (and should) ride at our own pace, but we should also strive to regroup on occasion to stay with the Ride Leader.  If a rider “goes off the front” it is at the Ride Leaders discretion to award credit, and should be listed as such in the ride description in the Ride Schedule.

These guidelines will go into effect May 1st.  This is to allow us to publish them in the newsletter so that they are distributed to all prior to implementation.  I believe that most rides now follow these rules, with the exception of separately recording the “additional miles”.  We will continue to record mileage in one bucket until we get the stats system automated and build in this capability.

Ride Leader’s Ride and Lunch

| January 27, 2008 5:16 pm

by Franz Kelsch

With rain most every day the past week and the threat of rain today, there were fewer than usual riders who joined the morning rides that were part of the Ride Leader’s annual lunch. John lead the traditional Grizzly Bear ride with 6 riders. Donny lead a Billy Goat ride, also with 6 riders. Both rides went off with very little rain. Spencer took this photo of the Billy Goat riders as they were getting ready to head out.

Billy Goat Riders

Even though the rain kept many from riding, we had a large turn out for the lunch.

John Mazzella, our Ride Coordinator said, “Thanks to all you wonderful ride leaders who contributed to making today’s rides and party a rousing success. Special thanks to Merrily Evans and Mikes Bikes, Joe Farinha and Sun Bikes, Pat Grilione and Trek Bikes, JimJinks and Reed’s Bikes, Marcia Wire and Summit Bikes, and Bici Bikes for their solicitations and generous donations. The drawing for the free entry to our Sierra to the Sea tour was won by Richard Holtermann… Last but not least I want to say thanks once again George Kukar of House of Pizza for his generous donation of the room, soft drinks, and beer. ”

During the lunch the rain became much heavier so the traditional afternoon rides did not occur, except for those who had ridden to the lunch probably had no choice but to ride home in the rain.