Announcement to ACTC Members

As I stepped back into the role of Ride Coordinator and reformed the Ride Schedule Committee, it seemed prudent to review the newly proposed guidelines with the RS Committee before making recommendations for Ride Guideline changes. Unfortunately there was very little time to do justice to review all of the issues in time to determine if guideline changes were really warranted. Due to time constraints it has been decided that no changes will be implemented that affect the ACTC Ride Guidelines at this time.

During the last couple of weeks as I started reviewing our Ride Policies, it became apparent that ACTC had no single location or document that provided a complete list of guidelines. In addition, there were a few guidelines that were not posted but were recognized practices that had been accepted for a very long time.

A comprehensive list of guidelines has been consolidated from multiple locations which also includes the accepted (but unwritten) policies surrounding best practices for Ride Leadership, Ride Participation, and Stats Credit. For now, the intention is to provide comprehensive communication that will set expectations for all members on acceptable Club Ride etiquette and policy.

The growth and diversity within ACTC makes keeping the club consistently on track with happy members a challenge at times. The following is proposed as our updated ACTC Ride Guidelines. Please remember, there are no changes to current policy. Your comments are welcome and will be reviewed by our Ride Schedule Committee members: John Mazzella, Donny Axtell, Franz Kelsch, Harry Lichtbach, Christopher Larson, Brian Birkeland, Mark Pryor and myself.

In Summary, the stance at this time is twofold:

1) Maintain current club policy

2) Provide more clarity by setting concise expectations with a comprehensive guidelines document

By doing these two things let’s all take a “wait and see” approach with anticipation that ride related issues will cease or be greatly reduced in number going forward!

These ACTC ride guidelines for both riders and ride leaders have consolidated existing guidelines.  Click here (PDF)  to to view now.

Members . . . go forth and ride your bikes! Choose rides that allow as little or as much flexibility as you can handle for your own safety and health.

Kind regards,

Patrice Carney
ACTC Ride Coordinator


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  1. ted bonetti
    May 28th 2010

    I believe you have met the lithmus test for flexability and gettting people out to ride as well as not over burdening the ride leaders – change should be slow and I feel should fit into the flexability of getting people out to ride and lead rides – not discurage it. Thank You – Ted

  2. Jon Kaplan
    May 30th 2010

    Thanks for getting us back on track, Patrice! While we can probably always do a better job of communicating what ride leaders are going to do, we should never forget how well this club has succeeded by NOT being so rule-laden and so constraining to what the ride leaders can choose to do. Obviously, there are many styles, and they all seem to attract a following. Keep up the great work, Patrice, and THANK YOU!

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