Biking Capital of the World

by Franz and Anne Kelsch - We can't say we have traveled to all places in the world but we have been to many cities on most of the continents.  We remember visiting Beijing, China and seeing all the bikes there.  We rode bikes in the busy streets of Tokyo, but ...

ACTC 2009 Board Candidates

The following are running for the ACTC Board for 2009. President Penny Carl [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="219" caption="Penny Carl"][/caption] ACTC member since  2004 Vice President,  ACTC ~~  two years Tierra Bella Staff,  Publicist ~~ three years Co-shared Ice Cream  Social Cinderella Training  ride ~~ co-lead three months of training Enlisted 13 members  from my current work to join ACTC Why ...

The Future of ACTC

By Franz Kelsch, ACTC Webmaster - From the October Black and Blue Bottom I belong to a small cycling club in Utah. A single person runs the club (very effectively) and the same person handles the simple website and sends out all email communications. There is one ride on a ...


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December 25th 2020
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See You Soon

It has been truly an honor to serve as the ACTC President these past eight years. Being on the Board previously for five non-contiguous years as Editor, Publisher, and Communication Coordinator, I knew what I was getting into. For a period of ACTC history, yelling and cursing at Board and ...
December 25th 2020
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Those who care are with us everywhere

A favorite song of mine is Kate Wolf’s “Gentle Warrior” with this beautiful ending. “We are crying for a vision That all living things can share And those who care Are with us everywhere” My term as ACTC President is almost up and we have a good slate of Candidates to fill ...

ACTC 2021

2020 is an agonizing year but time marches on. Soon it will be September and we will be nominating Members for the 2021 ACTC Board. I am proud to be the longest serving ACTC President and we have accomplished a lot together these past 8 years. My COVID-19 research this ...
April 17th 2020
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Lemonade Out of the Lemons

The Covid-19 threats are real and serious and underpin the Achilles’ heel of ACTC. Many diseases, not just Covid-19, target weakened populace: older patients, people with underlying respiratory problems, diabetes, asthma, or with compromised immune system. As ACTC Membership is ageing, ACTC Board, Tierra Bella, Sierra to the Sea, Academy ...

“Tomorrow” from Annie

“The sun’ll come out tomorrowBet your bottom dollarThat tomorrow there'll be sun! Just thinkin' about tomorrowClears away the cobwebsAnd the sorrow 'til there's none! When I'm stuck with a dayThat's gray and lonelyI just stick out my chinAnd grin and say, oh! The sun'll come out tomorrowSo you gotta hang on 'til tomorrowCome ...


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