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Opening Doors

| June 22, 2015 3:46 pm

“There are those who build walls and those who open doors” Carlos Varela (Cuban singer-songwriter)

ACTC, and especially the ACTC Academy, opens doors to new cyclists to a lifelong activity that changes their lives. There are psychological, physical, and financial barriers to becoming a cyclist. It certainly seems easier to sit back and watch TV, even though many know that is not healthy. But where and how to break the cycle?

New cyclists are often unsure of their ability. Will I be left behind? Is it safe to ride on that busy road? Maybe I need to stay on a bike trail. Time and again, many ACTC ride leaders and Academy instructors take it upon themselves to be cycling ambassadors. Stories abound of their patience to help transform these new friends from caterpillar to butterfly.

Although it is hard to measure the impact of their goodwill actions on the growth of ACTC, they matter not just a little. These selfless leaders provide the principle, the DNA of our core membership — helping others and the community in more ways than just cycling. Young cyclists will be spared from being on the rising statistic of childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes. (Keep going Teagan, Skylla, and Qena, we are proud of you!) Working cyclists are more productive and creative because their endorphin is high, instead of adrenaline. Retired friends have less aches and pains because arthritis, diabetes, and most diseases prefer sedentary bodies.

Keep going ACTC and ACTC Academy! Let’s open more doors!

Tony Le, ACTC President