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See You Soon

| December 25, 2020 4:01 pm

It has been truly an honor to serve as the ACTC President these past eight years. Being on the Board previously for five non-contiguous years as Editor, Publisher, and Communication Coordinator, I knew what I was getting into. For a period of ACTC history, yelling and cursing at Board and General Meetings was not uncommon. One of my determinations was to bring civility and kindness back to ACTC. Together we accomplished that by rallying Club Members to bring the best out of each other, to support Tierra Bella, Sierra to the Sea, the Academy, Turning Wheels for Kids, Viva Calle, and many more.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness,” said Mark Twain.

One thing that I will miss most is writing the President’s Message. Remembrances of friends; “A ship is safe in harbor”; “If only we take the time”; “Money does not guarantee happiness”; and “When you tour by bicycle, the world is on your side” are my favorites. I hope these messages are helpful to ACTC Members, enabling them to travel and discover the world by bicycle.

Not a goodbye, as I will continue to be an active ACTC Member and will assist the 2021 ACTC Board and our Club the best I can.

See you later? No, see you soon!

Tony Le, ACTC President

Those who care are with us everywhere

| 3:53 pm

A favorite song of mine is Kate Wolf’s “Gentle Warrior” with this beautiful ending.

“We are crying for a vision That all living things can share And those who care Are with us everywhere”

My term as ACTC President is almost up and we have a good slate of Candidates to fill the 2021 ACTC Board, with at least two new Members. Next year will no doubt bring new sets of challenges and we will all need to pitch in to help the ACTC Board to restart all the club events. We have to be mindful of expenses as Tierra Bella will need to lay dormant for another year. We don’t yet know the fate of Sierra to the Sea 2021 because we have a bit more time to decide. Although not ACTC President in 2021, I care and will be with you everywhere

Best, Tony Le, ACTC President