KOM – Billy Goat Climb Times

So you think you are a fast hill climber but wonder how you compare climbing some of the billy goats with other club members.  Now you can find out.  We have added a new page to the ACTC Website where some of the best times for selected Billygoats are shown.  There are age group categories for male, female and mixed tandem.  The best two (or maybe three) times for each age group will be kept here.  To view the page click here or go to the Billy Goat page on the ACTC website and look for the link for King of the Mountain – Billy Goat Climb Times

This is not a race but an opportunity to set a personal target to improve your hill climbing speed.  No documentation or independent judging is needed.  Whatever members submit, we trust it is accurate.

If you wish to submit your time for one of the listed Billy Goats, send the following information to the ACTC Webmaster :

  • Your Name
  • The Age Group When you Made the Climb
  • Time
  • Date of Climb


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