The Future of “Publisher”

| October 21, 2008 6:10 am

BY: Steve Sloan, ACTC Publisher from the November Black and Blue Bottom

I will be the first to admit, I have not been a good publisher. Even though the newsletter has gotten out on time and has looked fairly decent, I have not been able to attend many board or club meetings.  The reason; I work Wednesday nights.

My understanding is, when the position of “publisher” was first concieved in this club, there was no such thing as the Web or widely adopted e-mail. The publisher was the defacto communications chair
as the newsletter was the only way our organization communicated.

Times have changed but ACTC hasn’t. We now have Web, e-mail as well as print. Who knows what is next? But, laying out our print newsletter, and using page layout software, is still our primary qualification
for being our publisher. The publisher of our print communication channel is on our board. The people managing the Internet mediums are not represented. So, our communications are not coordinated.

In my opinion, the time to change has come. The best model in our club for a communications coordinator function, in my opinion, is the ride coordinator position. The ride coordinator coordinates the roles of the statician, the ride scheduler and the ride leaders. The ride coordinator may not do any of those tasks, or may do all of them.

I think I would make a better newsletter editor, or even layout editor than I make publisher. I think if we make it possible to divide and delgate it would be easier for us to recruit folks to fill club positions.

Because of the various mediums we use to reach the public, as well as our membership, I think we could have a more effective communications program if all those mediums were coordinated by one person who was on our club’s board. That person should not have to be involved hands-on with production.

But, because of the way our club is currently organized that is not very easy to do. I urge your consideration and the adoption of the change of our bylaws. I think it is time to consider replacing the position
of publisher with a communications coordinator.

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Joe farinha wrote a comment on October 30, 2008

Steve & All

I totally agree with Steve’s comments, and second his “e motion” Time for a change …kinda catchy slogan


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