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| June 1, 2009 7:08 pm

Q: What is the BBC Committee?
A: The objective is not to be the Best Bike Club or even the Biggest Bike Club but to become a Better Bike Club.

Q: Why did it get started?
A: Late last year it was discussed at the ACTC General Meeting the need to finds ways to make ACTC a better club. Organizations that are not trying to always improve often end up shrinking or even disappearing.

Q: Who started the BBC?
A: The ACTC Board decided to form the committee, to be chaired by the ACTC Communications Coordinator?

Q: Why was I not invited to join?
A: Participating was open to the club membership. It was communicated via the club’s elist system. Several members offered to participate. They are who constitute the committee.

Q: Does the BBC have the power to make changes?
A: No, the output of the BBC is to make recommendations to the Board and to the general membership.

Q: What is the BBC going to look at?
A: The BBC will look both internally within ACTC to see what is working and what is not, as well as to look outside to other bicycle clubs to see what works well for them. Input from the membership may be obtained via surveys.

Q: Who is on the BBC?
A: The committee has four individuals who have served on the ACTC Board, one who served as a Ride Coordinator, two as Vice President, one as Publisher, one as Webmaster and one as Statistician. Some of the members lead many rides for the club. They represent many different facets of ACTC. The current membership is:
Richard Hermerding – Chair
Don Axtell
Marie Becker
Jon Graff
Linda Kahn
Franz Kelsch
Sandy Lorber
John Mazzella

Q: When will I hear more?
A: Updates have been provided at the ACTC General Meeting.  Other communications will follow.

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