Program Announcement for Wednesday March 2nd, 7pm

| February 7, 2011 5:25 pm

We invite you to a presentation by Liz Jessen, of the Palo Alto Veterans Affairs (VA) DoubleVision Program, a tandem cycling program for vision-impaired veterans.

A very special guest will also be there. Master Sergeant Gil Magallanes served in both the Gulf War and Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. Gil and his 11-man Green Beret unit were one of the first in Afghanistan after 9/11, as depicted in the book “The Only Thing Worth Dying For.” Everyone in his group sustained injuries and several lost their lives. Gil sustained a massive brain injury leading to vision and hearing loss. Gil’s recovery in itself is inspirational. He has had a second lease on life and has come back from an inability to feed himself to the point where he is racing in triathlon.

2 Responses to “Program Announcement for Wednesday March 2nd, 7pm”

Rick Tompkins wrote a comment on February 15, 2011

I’m going to try and make it up to San Jose for the presentation, but I’d request that the club make available contact information for Ms. Jessen to those tandem captains who would like to support the DoubleVision program.

Tony Le wrote a comment on February 26, 2011

Our ACTC Communication Coordinator, Tony Le, is the liaison to the VA DoubleVision Program. Tony can be reached at Liz Jessen can be reached at

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