Big Sur Overnighter: October 29-30, 2011

by Brian Chun

Big Sur Overnighter (BSO): Saturday October 29th-Sunday October 30, 2011


Same as BSO 2010. Beds are now reserved  for the first three willing to room share (and maybe more on the floor), using my current reservations (2 Cowboy Rooms), at the Hacienda Lodge, Fort Hunter Liggett.  Newbies are  especially invited, as well as veterans, so please start your Century Billy Goat training now.


Check the photos from BSO 2010 at, to get a peek at what to see. We don’t always have the great weather from these photos, however, with heavy clouds, wind and rain a possibility, especially along the stunning Big Sur Coast.


$50 for this trip with all of us helping with SAG, shared lodging, and scheduled meals/rest stops, per same plan as BSO 2010. Less if no SAG, or if you have your own reservations.  I will ask our web team to post on-line registration, with a section for your comments, starting after September 1, 2011, payments prepaid to BSO 2011 Ride Director: “Brian Chun”, and non refundable after October 22, 2011 5:00 PM PST.

Green Option: Home to home tour (start or merge from 707 Fremont Avenue, Los Altos McKenzie Park tennis courts) in conjuction with BSO 2011.


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