Website New Look and Feel

| January 23, 2008 5:42 am

We have completed a new look for the ACTC website which hopefully will make it easier to find the information you want. So far only the home page will be changed, the the changes will be replicated throughout the site. We have had positive comments so far.

New Image at Top

The header is a combination of the previous image and new text.

ACTC Website Banner

New Side Menu

On the left side is a new collapsible menu.  The menu opens up initially with the choice Quick Links.  These are links to the mostly used sections of the ACTC website and will save time looking for these commonly used links in the other menus.

Quick Links

If you click on each major section, such as ACTC Rides, the menu options for that area are shown.

Left Menu

New Top Menu

Across the top is a duplicate horizontal menu. Just move your mouse over any section and a drop down sub menu will appear.

Top Horizontal Menu

ACTC News Member Posts

We also have added a RSS feed to the home page from the ACTC News website.

ACTC News Posts

ACTC Rides Member Posts

We also have a place where members can post information about upcoming or past rides and it will show up on the home page of the ACTC website.

ACTC Rides

ACTC Photos Posts

You can links to the most recent photo galleries here. If you are using Firefox or Safari you will also see a thumbnail image of one of the pictures from that gallery. Click on the link to go to the ACTC photo website.

ACTC Photos

Be sure to visit the ACTC Website and let us know what you think at

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