Tour of California – Sierra Road

| February 22, 2008 1:21 pm

by Bob Thompson

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008 was the big day. The crowds were there on Sierra. We gathered at Connie and Eric’s house. Here are some still shots of us eating, watching the race progress on the internet, and enjoying the wonderful sunny weather while we waited for the riders to arrive.

Soon we could hear the helicopters approaching and we knew the action would soon begin. I switched the camera over to video to catch the excitement of the sights and sounds of everything that was about to happen. Most of us stayed until the last rider and the broom passed before going down the hill to Piedmont.

Piedmont was flat, smooth and fast. You could see and feel the speed passing the cheering crowd.

Kris and I headed downtown to the finish. We were just in time to see most of the crowd leaving after the award presentation. The band was still playing and tricksters were flying their bikes thru the air.

I’ve put this all together in one short video that I hope you will enjoy. The opening music is the Washington Quickstep. Today is George’s, the first president’s – not the rider’s, birthday. Quickstep is one of the favored teams.

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