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Sierra to the Sea

| May 8, 2015 6:40 pm

The days are longest in June, the mountains most golden, the weather mostly warm, and the coast most beautiful even when mysteriously basked in fog. Sierra to the Sea, an uniquely ACTC event created by the late Rod Annable (who’s picture still graces the STTS webpage: goes from Bear Valley to Golden Gate Park in seven days. The 28th anniversary tour is led once again by Steve Crosby and a very capable staff of 22 volunteers. Sierra to the Sea remains true to Rod’s goals of show-casing the beautiful riding areas of Northern California in an affordable way and remains the best cross-state ride, bar-none! I look forward to greet all the participants and to thank our wonderful staff at Bear Valley and then to welcome them home at the Golden Gate Park. “Well no matter where I wander, I will always find a welcome at the end of every journey, there will be friendly people waiting, California” sang the Kingston Trio. Have a safe journey in our beautiful Golden State.
PS. It is not too late to join the 2015 Sierra to the Sea – a few more spots!

Tony Le, ACTC President

Not for the Pay

| February 8, 2015 11:27 am

We are all volunteers — the Board, Tierra Bella and Sierra to the Sea staff, Academy, New Year Celebration, Great Western Rally, Russian River Rally, Progressive Dinner, July 4th Pancake Breakfast, Ice Cream Social, Ride Leader Appreciation Luncheon, Member Appreciation Dinner, Black and Blue Bottom and Communication staff, Turning Wheels for Kids, Rescue Committee, Club Clothier, Election Committee, Librarian, Statistician, and more. We are appreciative of every single volunteer and know that it is not because of the pay that we are here. Deep down, we know not only that cycling is a righteous activity transforming our world into a greener and gentler world but also that ACTC is more than a cycling club.

Sure, ACTC has rides, but the members are its soul. ACTC is more like a family — we reach out to members in need and help our community to promote cycling as if our life depends on it. I am proud to be an ACTC volunteer — not for the pay.

Tony Le, ACTC President

Entirely Up to You

| December 20, 2014 2:10 pm

Happy New Year!
Let us thank Melissa Maglio and Jim Schallau, who served on the 2014 Board, and welcome Ahmed Masood and Dan Swanson for 2015. We also thank John Nielson, who served many years as Quartermaster, keeping track of everything ACTC owns in two storage sheds and the trailer.

Entirely Up To You
Years ago, Jean Converse started three quintessential ACTC programs: Billy Goats, Grizzly Bears, and the Academy. Although Jean may have started the Billy Goats series while a Board member, both the Bears and the Academy were created when she was a regular member. Another member, “Speedy”, started the Russian River Rally. The Ice Cream Social was a farewell party for Richard Brunner, who subsequently changed his mind and stayed. Tierra Bella and Sierra to the Sea are staffed almost entirely by regular members. Although I have every confidence in the 2015 Board to steer ACTC, we need every member engaged to be successful. Be a Jean, Speedy, or Richard — it is entirely up to you and all of us together to make ACTC the best we can be.

Tony Le, ACTC President

2009 Board Nominating Committee

| October 13, 2008 3:53 pm

by Franz Kelsch

Dear fellow ACTC member:

We currently have three members on the nominating committee for next year’s board.  Those members are:

Joe Farinha
Larry Brandt
Franz Kelsch

We have received an indication from some of you that you would be willing to serve on the board next year.  That is great and much appreciated.  If you have any potential interest, or just a question about serving, I would encourage you to contact  one of us on the nominating committee.  It is very important for the health of ACTC as a club to have a vibrant board with sufficient skills and time to be the leaders of our very diverse and large cycling club.  No one should think that as long as just anyone is willing to be on the board that is just fine and it will make no difference to the future of ACTC.  The board does make a difference.  Some of us that volunteer a great deal of time are greatly affected by the board members, individually and collectively.

I volunteered to be on the nominating committee because I feel a club that continues to have no choice for any board position is a sign of a club that can become unhealthy.  You will see it with such things as a reduced attendance at the General Meeting and more difficulty to get people to volunteer and existing volunteers starting to abandon what they have done in the past.  You will see a club that starts to splinter into separate groups who don’t feel a common identify.  Please read my article in the October Black and Blue Bottom.

As a nominating committee we hope to give the membership of this club some choice, at least in some of the key board positions.  Without some choice the the election is meaningless.  In order to do that we need those who have the skills, time and temperament to be willing to run.  At this time I am not going to indicate which current board members wish to run again because that should not influence anyone’s consideration now.

This club is more important than any individual and at the same time every member is more important than the club.  If you can start to unravel that paradox, then you have the makings for a great board member.  Now is the time to give back to ACTC all that it has given you.

Thank you for your consideration in this important matter.

Franz Kelsch
Nominating Committee