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Not for the Pay

| February 8, 2015 11:27 am

We are all volunteers — the Board, Tierra Bella and Sierra to the Sea staff, Academy, New Year Celebration, Great Western Rally, Russian River Rally, Progressive Dinner, July 4th Pancake Breakfast, Ice Cream Social, Ride Leader Appreciation Luncheon, Member Appreciation Dinner, Black and Blue Bottom and Communication staff, Turning Wheels for Kids, Rescue Committee, Club Clothier, Election Committee, Librarian, Statistician, and more. We are appreciative of every single volunteer and know that it is not because of the pay that we are here. Deep down, we know not only that cycling is a righteous activity transforming our world into a greener and gentler world but also that ACTC is more than a cycling club.

Sure, ACTC has rides, but the members are its soul. ACTC is more like a family — we reach out to members in need and help our community to promote cycling as if our life depends on it. I am proud to be an ACTC volunteer — not for the pay.

Tony Le, ACTC President