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It Was The Best of Times, It Was The Worst of Times

| April 29, 2015 11:04 pm

Years ago, a few ACTC general meetings descended into shouting matches. Many members came to these meetings because they were passionate on controversial issues. However, even in those worst of times, I longed that they be well attended.

Today, ACTC is facing no less challenging issues than those of earlier years. This Board is proud that we take the time to explain any changes to Members and that this is the most transparent and accessible ACTC Board. All members are encouraged to voice their opinions, even if there are disagreements. We seek common ground by communicating respect- fully to diffuse potential contentions.

Just because the Board communicates well does not make today’s issues unimportant. Wanting the best for ACTC, the Board seeks input from its many members at the General Meetings.

Hoping to see a good turnout at all future ACTC Meetings. It was the best of times and it will be the best of times.

Tony Le, ACTC President